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Steib Private Lending Library

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Coppet no longer has its American library but we want to share our good-sized collection of novels with other people who like reading as much as we do. We have turned our guest room into a library.
Take a look at the book list below. There will be new books added from time to time.
To get a completely up-to-date list, contact us:

Cindy Steib
Chemin du Grand-Pré 3
1296 Coppet
Tel/Fax: 022.776.94.95

Book List

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Pearce A. philippa  -  Tom's Midnight Garden
Peretti Frank  -  Piercing the Darkness
Peretti Frank  -  Prophet
Peretti Frank  -  The Visitation
Peretti Frank  -  This Present Darkness
Perry Anne  -  The Face of a Stranger
Peters Ellis  -  The Hermit of Eyton Forest
Peters Ellis  -  Dead Man's Ransom
Peters Elizabeth  -  The Snake
Peters Elizabeth  -  The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits
Peters Elizabeth  -  The Ape who Guards the Balance
Peters Elizabeth  -  He shall Thunder in the Sky
Peters Elizabeth  -  Crocodile on the Sandbank
Peters Elizabeth  -  Borrower of the Night (Vicky Bliss #1)
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The End of Summer
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The Rosamund Pilcher Collection
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The Shell Seekers
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Under Gemini
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Wild Mountain Thyme
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Winter Solstice
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The Empty House
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The Carousel
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  The Blue Bedroom
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Snow in April
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Sleeping Tiger
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  September
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Flowers in the Rain and other stories
Pilcher Rosamunde  -  Coming Home
Potok Chaim  -  The Promise
Potok Chaim  -  The Gift of Asher Lev
Potok Chaim  -  The Book of Lights
Potok Chaim  -  In the Beginning
Pym Barbara  -  A Glass of Blessings
Pym Barbara  -  An Unsuitable Attachment
Pym Barbara  -  Crampton Hodnet
Pym Barbara  -  Excellent Women
Pym Barbara  -  Jane & Prudence
Pym Barbara  -  No fond return of Love

Library Regulations

You may check out two books at a time for one month, then may phone to renew them for another month, if needed.

Library subscription is 10 francs per year.
There is a 40 franc security deposit to cover lost books. This deposit will be returned to you whenever you decide to terminate your subscription.
A system of fines will be applied for books held over two months.

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