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Steib Private Lending Library

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Coppet no longer has its American library but we want to share our good-sized collection of novels with other people who like reading as much as we do. We have turned our guest room into a library.
Take a look at the book list below. There will be new books added from time to time.
To get a completely up-to-date list, contact us:

Cindy Steib
Chemin du Grand-Pré 3
1296 Coppet
Tel/Fax: 022.776.94.95

Book List

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Hailey Arthur  -  News
Hailey Arthur  -  Overload
Halberstam Yitta & leventhal  -  Small Miracles II
Hawthorne Nathaniel  -  The House of the seven Gables
Hemingway Ernest  -  The Old Man & the Sea
Henderson Dee  -  The Rescuer (O'Malley 6)
Henderson Dee  -  The Protector (O'Malley 4)
Henderson Dee  -  Danger in the Shadows (Prequel)
Herriot James  -  The Lord God made them all
Herriot James  -  Let Sleeping Vets Lie
Herriot James  -  Every Living Thing
Herriot James  -  Dog stories
Herriot James  -  All things Wise & Wonderful
Herriot James  -  All things Bright & Beautiful
Herriot James  -  All creatures great & small
Hillerman Tony  -  The Wailing Wind
Hillerman Tony  -  The Sinister Pig
Hillerman Tony  -  The Fallen Man
Hillerman Tony  -  The Blessing Way
Hillerman Tony  -  A Thief of Time
Holmes Marjorie  -  Three From Galilee
Holmes Mary j.  -  Darkness & Daylight
Holmes Mary j.  -  Mildred
Hornby Nick  -  About a Boy
Howard Elizabeth jane  -  The Sea Change
Hurnard Hannah  -  Hinds Feet on High Places
Hurnard Hannah  -  Mountains of Spices

Library Regulations

You may check out two books at a time for one month, then may phone to renew them for another month, if needed.

Library subscription is 10 francs per year.
There is a 40 franc security deposit to cover lost books. This deposit will be returned to you whenever you decide to terminate your subscription.
A system of fines will be applied for books held over two months.

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