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Steib Private Lending Library

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Coppet no longer has its American library but we want to share our good-sized collection of novels with other people who like reading as much as we do. We have turned our guest room into a library.
Take a look at the book list below. There will be new books added from time to time.
To get a completely up-to-date list, contact us:

Cindy Steib
Chemin du Grand-Pré 3
1296 Coppet
Tel/Fax: 022.776.94.95

Book List

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Saint-exupéry Antoine de  -  The Little Prince
Sayers Dorothy  -  Whose body?
Sayers Dorothy  -  Unnatural Death
Sayers Dorothy  -  Thrones
Sayers Dorothy  -  The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Sayers Dorothy  -  The Nine Tailors
Sayers Dorothy  -  The Documents in the Case
Sayers Dorothy  -  Strong Poison (Wimsey Vane 1)
Sayers Dorothy  -  Murder must Advertise
Sayers Dorothy  -  Murder most cozy
Sayers Dorothy  -  Lord Peter views the body
Sayers Dorothy  -  Lord Peter
Sayers Dorothy  -  Have His Carcase (Wimsey Vane 2)
Sayers Dorothy  -  Gaudy Night (Wimsey Vane 3)
Sayers Dorothy  -  Five Red Herrings
Sayers Dorothy  -  Clouds of Witness
Sayers Dorothy  -  Busman's Honeymoon
Schrag Otto  -  The Locusts
Scott Sir walter  -  Ivanhoe
Several authors   -  Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces
Sheldon Charles  -  In His Steps
Shen Xia6  -  Chapters of a Floating Life
Sidney Margaret  -  The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Sidney Margaret  -  The Five Little Peppers Midway
Simenon Georges  -  The Girl in His Past
Simenon Georges  -  Maigret and the Hotel Majestic
Simenon Georges  -  Maigret and the Burglar's wife
Simenon George  -  Maigret Goes Home
Smith Robert kimmel  -  Sadie Shapiro's Knitting Book
Spyri Johanna  -  Heidi
Stahl Hilda  -  The Boning Knife
Stahl Hilda  -  The Covenant - White Pine 1
Stahl Hilda  -  The Dream - White Pine 3
Stahl Hilda  -  The Inheritance - White Pine 2
Stevenson Robert louis  -  Treasure Island
Stevenson D. e.  -  Shoulder the Sky
Stewart Mary  -  Wildfire at Midnight
Stewart Mary  -  Thunder on the Right
Stewart Mary  -  Thornyhold
Stewart Mary  -  This Rough Magic
Stewart Mary  -  The Moon Spinners
Stewart Mary  -  The Ivy Tree
Stewart Mary  -  The Gabriel Hounds
Stewart Mary  -  Stormy Petrel
Stewart Mary  -  Nine Coaches Waiting
Stewart Mary  -  My Brother Michael
Stewart Mary  -  Madam
Stewart Mary  -  Airs Above the Ground
Stone Irving  -  Immortal Wife
Stratton porter Gene  -  The Harvester

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Library Regulations

You may check out two books at a time for one month, then may phone to renew them for another month, if needed.

Library subscription is 10 francs per year.
There is a 40 franc security deposit to cover lost books. This deposit will be returned to you whenever you decide to terminate your subscription.
A system of fines will be applied for books held over two months.

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